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Clasica Victoria

Established in 1996 by Victoria Galindez , in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Following the family tradition, started by her grandmother, she is the third generation of culinary creators , taking care of each family recipe as the best kept secret.


With a  mixed up history of inmigrants, entrepreneurs, exiles, food, religion, love , and a lot of hard work ; Clasica Victoria is the result of a passion that has being traveling generation through generation.


Welcoming customers to our world of joy in every table we serve , that’s our daily goal.

Victoria Galindez

Was born in Buenos Aires, and took her first culinary steps in her family farm during the long and quiet summers.“ All we could do was pick up eggs, whisk milk for hours until we made butter, harvest some fresh vegetables, and after all; make something delicious for lunch or tea time.”

Victoria’s first steps were in a financial Institution, but after a couple of years her passion was so strong that is was hard not to hear it. So, she founded her first store in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and never stopped ever since. For the last 25 years, she had continued her studies in Buenos Aires, Paris and Vienna, developed a brand and raised a beautiful family.

In 2014, she launched Clasica Victoria in the United States, bringing her expertise and sharing her best kept secrets with the community.

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